Programme 2022/2023

Friday 16 September at 7.30 pm

Saturday 17 September at 10 am

Tuesday 4 October

Friday 14 October at 7.45 pm

Saturday 15 October at 10 am

Thursday 3 November

Saturday 12 November at 10 am

Wednesday 23 November

Monday 5 December

Saturday 10 December at 1 pm

Thursday 12 January

Saturday  21 January at 10 am

Friday 3 February

Saturday 11 February at 10 am

AGM followed by display of Name Squares and talk from Kim Harvey of Spoonrings

Workshop by Helen Sargent on making a Quilted Mat. £15*

Social Stitching at 10.00 am at Peel Golf Club

Talk: Natural Dyeing. Pat Kelly will share her love of dyeing using plant materials.

Workshop by Carol Baker on Dyeing to Stitch.  £15*

Social Stitching

Talk: World War 1 Silk Postcards  by Rachel Vickers followed by a Workshop on Silk Postcard Design and stitching a postcard or greeting card.

Social Stitching

Social Stitching

Christmas Party: making Mini Felt Christmas Stockings (Sheila Dove). No charge.

Social Stitching

Workshop by Margaret Dawson on Wire Knitting: make a length of knitted wire to make a bracelet. £15*

Social Stitching

Love Stitching (further details to follow)

* Non-members are welcome to attend workshops for an additional £5 charge

The location and time of Social Stitching meetings are notified to members about 2 weeks beforehand.

Part 2 of the programme will be published in November 2022