20 January 2024

Our monthly meeting and workshop is on Sat. 20th Jan at St. Andrews, Douglas from 10:00 a.m.  All are welcome even if you don't stay afterwards for the workshop "Looking forward / Looking back"  The looking back element is a chance to give yourself time to work on any unfinished projects.  If that means bringing your sewing machine, then please bring it along.  An ideal time to reduce that "to do" pile.  There will be a discussion about looking forward to workshops in the programme and new workshop ideas and techniques you might wish to try or see, so please have a think.

However, if you'd like a little project to do on the day, there will be 3 types of scissor keeper available to choose from.

A scissor keeper is like a charm or key fob idea that is attached to your scissors to identify them. 

1) A heart or square shaped scissor keeper - which can be embroidered, stuffed and attached via a cord or ribbon. (Two pieces of fabric,  max 3" x 3". sewing and embroidery thread, approx 8" ribbon / stuffing).

2) A hexagon or pentagon shaped scissor keeper - which is stuffed and attached via a cord or ribbon. ( 8 or 12 shaped pieces of fabric depending on shape choice, each approx. 1", sewing thread, ribbon or cord and stuffing). All can be scaled up if you wish.

3) A strawberry or blackberry scissor keeper - which is embroidered or beaded, stuffed and attached via a cord or ribbon. (Strawberry - a piece of red felt 3" x 2", red and green embroidery thread,  few gold beads or gold thread,  ribbon /stuffing. Blackberry - a piece of black felt 3" x 2", small dark beads, bead thread, green embroidery thread / stuffing).

Templates will be available for all 3 types, but all other materials will need to be brought depending on which you choose, including marker pen and your normal sewing kit. General instruction will be available but this won't be tutor led.

Please email Janet at thewilliams@manx.net to book a place on the workshop.  The fee charged is to cover the hall hire cost only.