23 April 2022

To book a place on this workshop, contact Janet on thewilliams@manx.net

Workshop – Silhouettes

St Andrew’s Church, Glencrutchery Rd

10.00am until 4.00pm

Requirements List

In the late 18th century, it was a popular pastime to create a silhouette image of a person's profile on paper, then embroider a wallpaper background or cameo frame to make a striking portrait.

The same techniques can be used to create pictures using silhouettes of animals, buildings, or natural forms such as trees.

On this workshop you will be shown how to create a silhouette and then stitch a background. It is a chance to experiment and have fun with a different technique.

Need to Bring:

A profile photo of a family member or an animal (your cat, dog, or other)

A small piece of plain fabric – calico or coloured

Embroidery threads

Sewing kit: scissors, pins, needles, sewing thread

Pencil and ruler

Notebook or sketchbook

Paper scissors

White crayon or marker pen Cutting mat

Craft knife

Fabric scraps

Optional items to bring:

Embroidery hoop

Light box

These will be provided on the day:

Black card

Ideas for inspiration and additional materials provided by the tutor

    Ironing board